About The Author

Dr Annice MukherjeeThere are innumerable websites claiming to hold the cure for fatigue but there is a notable deficiency of websites providing robust evidence based information guided by medical specialists. Indeed true medical fatigue specialists are few and far between with (sadly) many medical doctors dismissing fatigue as a symptom.

This site has been developed by Endocrinologist and Fatigue Specialist Dr Annice Mukherjee MBChB, MSc, FRCP, MD, CCST, a medical specialist with 27 years experience in internal medicine, endocrinology and diabetes. With a very strong scientific clinical research background and an interest in fatigue diagnostics since the 1990’s, she has a particular interest in the impact of endocrine diseases on quality of life. Dr Mukherjee is ideally placed to give advice for this most perplexing and enigmatic problem. During the last decade Dr Mukherjee has developed and expanded a specialist fatigue diagnostic and treatment service along side her endocrinology practice.

This website provides additional resources to support those people who see Dr Mukherjee for individual treatment consultations.

The information provided is also likely to be helpful to people who want to take ownership of their health and well-being and seek general lifestyle guidance and help from an expert.

However if you think you have a medical problem causing your symptoms you will need to seek medical advice and have a full diagnostic fatigue assessment consultation to address any underlying undiagnosed medical problems contributing to your symptoms.

With very strong clinical expertise in endocrinology and hospital medicine, Dr Mukherjee is well placed to investigate and detect the presence of underlying illness and diseases in patients presenting with fatigue symptoms and detecting/identifying modifiable factors which can lead to restoration of well being.



Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert