Dr Mukherjee provides corporate lectures with a multi-faceted approach to improve and sustain well-being integrity, empowering people to take ownership of their own health, improve their quality of life and optimise productivity in the workplace.

Corporate master classes & seminars provided 


Dr Annice Mukherjee with Michael McIntyre and Phillip Schofield at a charity event

Dr Annice Mukherjee with Michael McIntyre and Phillip Schofield at a charity event

For Managers and employers;

Well-being in the work place is essential to optimise performance and productivity of employees.

Sickness absence is a 21st Century poison to large, medium and small sized companies, impacting on performance, productivity and profit margins.

Most employees feel they are doing all they can to help optimise their own health but still struggle to manage high performance roles without experiencing the negative impacts of stress, poor sleep, exhaustion, reduced well-being and often poor health. This is in part because many lifestyle choices are well meant but inadvertently destructive. For example boom-bust, deadline driven activity cycles, poor nutrition, erratic sleep and lack of optimisation of existing medical conditions. Many modifiable factors contribute to well-being infrastructure.

Mindfulness programs are flavour of the month but well-being infrastructure and performance in the workplace is not just about a healthy mind. Lifestyle choices, nutrition, behavioural/physical activity patterns, sleep, immune function, weight issues and coexisting medical problems all combine to produce the overall functional status and quality of life of an individual. All of these can be modified resulting in empowerment and improved outcome, performance and quality of life.

Expertly delivered health and well-being education can be done effectively and efficiently in group settings as part of staff CPD days.
















Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert