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Many hormone related problems can de-stabilise energy and well-being infrastructure and lead to or worsen fatigue. Hormone problems can relate to men’s health and women’s health issues. However other hormone issues, not dependent on gender, such as thyroid, adrenal and pituitary diseases can also affect energy levels and well-being. Detecting and optimising hormone related conditions is essential to optimising health and well-being. These types of hormone problems can frequently remain undiagnosed for many years, resulting in misery, until the hormone problem is correctly investigated and treated. Being aware of the types of hormone problems that can present with fatigue spectrum illness will help you unravel your symptoms. If you are diagnosed with a hormone related problem you may be referred to a hormone specialist like me, called an endocrinologist, who will usually need to performs blood tests and sometimes scans to identify the best treatment for you. Once treatment is started for hormone related problems, it can take weeks or months for your well-being to recover and it is not uncommon to experience other symptoms such as transient and self-limiting hair loss once the hormone issue is treated.

I have not included information about the types of hormone problems that need a specialist assessment, such as pituitary disease, thyroid lumps, adrenal problems, disease related to the pancreas or hormone related cancers. This is because lifestyle changes alone are unlikely to help with these latter types of hormone problems, and if you are suspected to have any of these problems you should not delay arranging a specialist consultation.

Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert