Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle








Like a savings portfolio you need to invest time, focus and effort in optimising your lifestyle to maximise the benefit on your well-being.

Behavioural and lifestyle modifications do result in improved quality of life even if your problems are multiple and some issues are not resolvable.

When you make a modification to your lifestyle or behaviour it can confuse your mind and body and transiently upset the applecart. This can make you think the approach is not working and the automatic response is to change back to old ways. This is a very common reason for non response to treatment. It is therefore easy to start to make lots of very effective lifestyle changes, that will help you if maintained, but because they don’t work as quickly as you think they should, you give up and start something else!

An example of something similar is yoyo dieting. You lose weight with a diet but not as much and not as quickly as you think you should. So you feel frustrated, think its not working, give up, go back to old ways and re-gain the weight! Get the picture?

You can therefore easily get to a point when you feel like you have tried all the common strategies to help yourself and none of them have worked. Hopelessness ensues and grasping at straws searching for a miracle cure is often the next step. This is like spending all your money and then going to a loan Shark! You are at the mercy of the internet sharks who have a conflict of interest i.e. they have a financial incentive to invite you to buy their unique un-validated and un-peer reviewed treatments that can attractively look like a quick fix. These treatments can work by using something called “the placebo effect”. This often does result in a quick fix and improved well being but it does not last and soon you are back to square one but out of pocket through the process. People often truly believe that they have benefited from these techniques so it can be difficult to change a mind-set of someone who has turned to these types of alternative treatments.

The techniques and treatments recommended on this website are directed by a highly Simonwaterski2-13qualified practicing physician with a special interest in fatigue diagnostics and treatment. Treatments that are recommended here are widely used, validated techniques. They are safe. They will not result in a quick fix but will be effective in empowering you to achieve a sustained improvement in your well-being.

In order for behavioural and mindful adaptations to work effectively in the long term you need to;

Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert