Managing setbacks in CFS/ME

When a set back happens in CFS/ME, especially when you have been making progress with management of your symptoms, it is normal to feel disappointed and frustrated. However it is important to understand that set-backs are a reality and will almost always occur at some point in the recovery from CFS/ME, sometimes more than once.

Whilst frustration is understandable, it is unhelpful. It is therefore important to try to accept what has happened pragmatically, notice your feelings of frustration and acknowledge how they make you feel. This awareness will help  prevent the negative thoughts and feelings from  affecting your physical health, which could in itself hinder your recovery further, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like many of the behavioural responses that occur in people with CFS/ME, they are not the cause but they can drive the illness. So try to keep focussed on recovering using the same techniques that have been helping you to recover before the set-back.

I have attached a brochure below which was created by NHS Manchester CFS service for more practical information. Please note the help-line and contact numbers may not be in operation.


Set-backs brochure C/O Manchester CFS service

Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert