Menopause Article In Living Edge Magazine 2013

Is it my hormones doctor..?

Dr Annice Mukherjee is a consultant endocrinologist who works at the Spire Manchester Hale Clinic. 

Annice specialises in thyroid, pituitary, menopause, male and female reproductive endocrine health, puberty issues, medical weight management and chronic fatigue. Qualified for over 20 years, Annice has highly specialised training in endocrinology and initially developed an interest in chronic fatigue management while working at King’s College hospital London in the 1990’s.

Annice says “The link between fatigue, weight management and hormone issues is very well established. It is crucial to diagnose and treat endocrine problems early to prevent the legacy of fatigue and frequently weight gain from establishing and causing further reduction in quality of life. Furthermore many endocrine problems increase cardiovascular risk, which, when untreated is a silent enemy! Once fatigue and or weight gain are established, lifestyle measures are essential  in additional to appropriate medical/hormone treatment to re-gain quality of life. The magnitude of impact of lifestyle changes and cognitive approaches such as ‘mindfulness’ are often underestimated in the fight against weight gain and fatigue whether these symptoms are related to endocrine disease, other medical or lifestyle issues or chronic fatigue syndrome.  I have never felt better in terms of my own health since I learned about cognitive approaches to lifestyle management. I practice what I preach!

I have a particular interest in menopause management which can be treated with hormone therapy,  lifestyle approaches or a combination of the two. Hormone therapy is often withheld because of fear of risks but a risk assessment can relatively easily identify those who would benefit most or whose risks are too great. The risks of HRT tend to be exaggerated and many women would benefit from a course of HRT early in menopause when symptoms tend to crescendo. Having read the book ’50 shades of Grey’ and the publicity surrounding it I feel that many more women will be challenging their primary care physicians about the benefits of HRT for well being, quality of life and sexual health, and quite rightly too”.

Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert