Is there a perfect diet?

High refined sugar food

High refined sugar food

There is so much discussion about and investment in nutrition that we should have reached nutritional utopia by now.

Why then are we facing an unprecedented obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic, escalating rates of cancers related to poor diet and soaring rates of obesity and associated diseases emerging as early as primary school age children?

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General approaches to a healthy diet might seem obvious, but in fact we are victims of our own success! We have so successfully learned how to mass produce and process food that there appears to be a huge variety of produce on our supermarket shelves. However although this might appear at first glance to represent variety, the truth is that the balance of protein, refined and complex sugars, fibre, fat and micronutrients is being manipulated so much with synthetically produced food, that unless we eat a diet of natural produce, cooked from scratch each day we will almost certainly not have a healthy balance of comprehensive nutrition.

Nutrition Fatiguewise

This picture comes from my small garden allotment grown with care and attention. This is clearly not an option for everyone.

However these types of foods, which are available in supermarkets, are being replaced by harmful alternatives that are truly damaging our health and wellbeing. The article linked above is meant to give the reader food for thought about our nutrition in the 21st Century. Whether this is a political hot potato or not we all need to be aware of the facts!


Modern day nasties

Modern day nasties

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Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert