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Paul B November 2017

I had the fortune to be referred over to Dr Mukherjee after a long period of extensive tests to diagnose my symptoms proved fruitless.

I felt immediately that she was extremely thorough and determined to find the root cause of my problems, which turned out to be ME/CFS.

This is a very difficult condition to diagnose and live with and I am extremely thankful to Dr Mukherjee for her support. I felt she was truly on my side and a real expert in this field of medicine.

I would be in a very different place if I had not had the luck to be under her care, thank you.

 JC July 2017
In March 2016 I was diagnosed by my Endocrinologist Dr Annice Mukherjee as having ACTH – dependent Cushings disease. She referred me to Mr Gnanalingham. This condition had caused me to gain a substantial amount of weight and had also dulled my faculties.
Mr Gnanalingham determined that I had a tumour on my pituitary gland and performed a trans-sphenoidal resection of left pituitary microadenoma on 18/4/2016. The care taken by Dr Mukherjee and Mr Gnanalingham to explain my condition , the operative procedures and the prospects for recovery were much appreciated. The post operative aftercare in the hospital was excellent.
Since the procedure I have lost 30kg in weight , some peripheral oedema has disappeared and I am much more mobile not requiring any walking aids. Other medication for blood pressure has been substantially reduced. My cognitive powers have been fully reinstated and I have been revitalised in performing a leading role in a business requiring complex intellectual application.
It is now just over 12 months since the operation and I am substantially fitter than I have been for many years. I am continuing to be monitored by both Dr Mukherjee and Mr Gnanalingham to whom I am very grateful for the care and attention given to me in restoring me to good health.

Dear Dr. Mukherjee,
I wanted to say a great big thank you to you for giving me such good advice about how to handle my ME symptoms.
As a result of getting a diagnosis from you last year, (which no one else was able to diagnose) I feel confident enough to say that my ME is a things of the past.
I have not had to restrict my daily activities in any way since last March and I am back to walking as many miles as I want to.
Thanks again and I am extremely grateful to you.
Best wishes

JH March 2017








2015. To Dr Mukherjee and Dr Taggart

To say your care has made a difference to our lives recently would be a huge understatement, thank you both for your care and attention to my case I would not like to imagine where I would be without your help, you are both a huge credit to the medical profession and we will be forever in your debt. Thank you both so very much, we now feel so much more positive to know what we are fighting and also that there is treatment to help with the terrible symptoms I have experienced.

Kind regards

Mr & Mrs RJ

N.B this patient had initial assessments under Dr Mukherjee and was referred to Dr Taggart for treatment of the underlying condition



Hi Dr Mukherjee,

I don\’t know if you remember me but I saw you in clinic on the 7th of July at Salford. I just wanted to say I\’ve followed everything to the complete letter, improved my sleep pattern by following the tips on here and reconditioned my muscles. I\’ve also focused on diet as well. I\’m seeing amazing results. On the 24th August I participated in The Bollington 10k and have an upcoming half marathon! Just wanted to say thank you so much for improving my life beyond belief. It required a lot of determination and mental strength but I think my fatigue is becoming under control. This is before my cognitive behavioural therapy which I can only learn more.  This summer has been life changing so thank you.

Best wishes



 DorothyI was referred to Dr Mukherjee approximately a year after undergoing major abdominal surgery. I was suffering from numerous inexplicable symptoms post-surgery including low (unstable) thyroid function, fatigue, fluctuating temperature, nausea and a general sense of feeling unwell for which my G.P and local hospital could find no real explanation / diagnosis.

Dr Mukherjee understood my ill-health issues and took anholistic approach to my symptoms. She took the time to listen to my concerns and took it upon herself to coordinate my treatment and liaise with my GP and other doctors involved in my care which progressed matters considerably. I have improved significantly and with her advice and guidance I feel I am well on the way to recovery with a renewed confidence and plan of action. Many Thanks Dr Mukherjee (DH).


Mrs AW; Lancaster I really do value the care and help that she (DR Mukherjee) gives to me each time I see her in Outpatients and, as I said on the phone, it is well worth the journey from Lancaster. She is one of the few consultants I have encountered who seem  to ‘look at the whole picture’ not just at little bits of it and seem to combine the science and the art of medicine so well keeping the patient as a unique individual at the centre – and for this I am so truly grateful.

Mrs TR & Mr MR; Cheshire We have a huge amount of respect for Dr A Mukherjee – we came out of our first meeting saying to the support staff – you have a real doctor here.
Both of us have had issues which have been live for decades and have tested the minds of numerous consultants – however the first real success has been since our meeting with Dr Mukherjee.
Our quality of life has changed enormously for the better and we can now look forward for better days.
We would recommend Dr Mukherjee unreservedly – not only does she have a handle on endocrine issues – for us she has also has a  handle on anything that comes her way.
Thank you Annice – we don’t know what we would have done without you!
Warm Kind Regards
Mrs TR & Mr MR

D Kenny; Salford After seeing numerous GP’s and feeling like I wasn’t getting to the root cause of my pain and fatigue, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Mukherjee. Dr. Mukherjee was the first doctor to really listen to me, understanding my symptoms and empathising with the pain I was in. She went above and beyond the reason for my referral, truly understanding the holistic nature of my pain (even taking the time out to have me referred to other consultants for my other symptoms). Dr. Mukherjee made the time to see me, and at no point did I feel like I was being rushed so she could see the next patient. It is obvious Dr. Mukherjee genuinely cares for her patients, and even though my symptoms continue Dr. Mukherjee has not given up and is still helping me out. I feel very fortunate to have been under her and I could not recommender her highly enough.

Mrs RG; Stockport Until I was referred to Dr Mukherjee I had been diagnosed as clinically depressed so many times I eventually believed it myself. Even though I had also been diagnosed with my actual condition PMDD years ago, I was told there was no recommended treatment.

However, as my health worsened I was referred to an endocrinologist and someone recommended Dr Mukherjee. Dr Mukherjee also performed a wide range of tests which identified a smaller issue that was contributing to my ill health, before setting about treating the PMDD. My well-being improved so significantly I was free from anti-depressants within 9 months. My fatigue is almost gone, I can exercise, I can play with my kids but most of all my head is clear.

Dr Mukherjee has been sensible, knowledgable, intelligent and kind. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her; she is an example to her peers on how to practise successful medicine. Thank you.

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Dr Annice Mukherjee, Hormone Consultant & Fatigue Expert